Each one of us these days are suffering from a number of problems, may it be due to stress at work or any other health issues. We get irritated over small household problems, annoyed over kids due to their stubborn behavior or due to mood swings. Most of these problems are derived due to one common issue and thats lack of good and comfortable sleep. We struggle to get a sound sleep but we can’t get one due to various reason! One of the reasons to this is poor mattress that we use at our home. We often get good sleep when we travel abroad or live in luxury properties, the main reason is the quality of mattress at each of these luxury hotels are verified and premium.

Uncomfortable mattress not only disturbs your sleep but also causes a lot of health issues like backache, headache, increases the level of stress and irritation, joint pains etc. Poor sleep at night ruins your day because you are unable to concentrate at work of give your 100% . I have been a victim to all these problems too, so i decided to go and check a mattress for myself that can let me have a better sleep and improve my performance at work, something that i can customize according to my body posture so that i can get rid of my body ache.

While searching for a mattress like this i came accross a store that does something that solved all my problems. Foam Home is a popular and much loved brand in India. They’ve been manufacturing and retailing sleep solutions for over 40 years, and have become the most preferred brand amongst several high end families and hospitality brands in the country. Their focus has always been to provide the most innovative solutions, using best research practices and state of the art technology to provide not just a mattress, but an engineering marvel. Their focus on technology, has helped them gain a significant international acclaim for their products as well.

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They understand sleep and also understand the Indian lifestyle and preferences. That’s why they adopt technological innovations from across the world, but tweak it to the Indian body type. Their sleep specialists at all their stores are continuously meeting customers and identifying habits and preferences that define how people prefer to sleep. They meet with all their customers personally, giving them a feel of what people are looking out for and what provides them the maximum comfort.

Their range of mattresses include  Latex Foam,  Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam and Technogel  Mattresses.

With 40 years of experience in the mattress industry and specially in the niche market segment, they have been fortunate to design an exclusive construction of mattresses which we have branded as ERGOSHELL Technology which has received International Patents. The unique design addresses every issue in traditional mattresses and makes room for a much more comfortable at the same time supportive sleep system.

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They have divided ERGOSHELL construction into three parts, viz,  Mattress Shell,  Support Blocks and Comfort Layer.


It is the base of the mattress which gives stability and strength to the mattress.It can be moulded with Flexible Polyurethane Foam, HR Foam,  Memory Foam and Latex Foam. Vertically it is divided into 7 zones to design a mattress  genuinely. Horizontally it has 6 zones to design the mattress into two distinctly different mattresses. The side walls of the shell provides stability and the strength to eliminate the feeling of rolling over. The dividing walls of the shell adds to the cushioning and the rich springy feel to the mattress.The shell is divided into 42 zones which provide absolute motion isolation


The concept of providing Support Blocks is based on a very simple science that when a big piece of foam block is cut into a smaller one, it breathes better, it feels softer, the depth of cushioning increases and over all it creates a much richer and a plush feel.The size of the Support Blocks are kept little smaller than the size of the slots in the Shell so as to allow better breathing and optimising the cushioning feel of the Blocks.The Support Blocks can be of any cushioning material, however flexible polyurethane will be the most suitable for the following reasons :

It is easy to create varying firmness from super soft to extra firm without changing the density.It breathes the best

It will be more economical

It is much lighter than any other cushioning materials

It is extremely durable depending on the density

It is a highly serviceable mattress since the block, once worn out, can easily be replaced without disturbing the entire mattress.


It can be a single layer or be of multiple layers depending on the feel required. It can either correspond to the quality of the shell or can be different, e.g. a memory foam shell can have a memory foam comfort layer which can make the mattress reversible at the same time of very premium quality or alternatively  an HR foam shell can have a memory foam comfort layer to design a more economical mattress. For selecting a Comfort Layer there can be many options and combinations

The standard Ergoshell mattresses are pre designed using Pressure Mapping devices. These devices take into consideration the pressure points of the average Indian sleeper and defines areas within the mattress that require more support and those that can use some extra comfort. The mattresses are then designed based on these readings. While most people can use these standard mattresses, the Ergoshell Mattresses are capable of a very high level of customisation based on individual special requirements too. The mattress has reinforced walls on the all sides ensuring no edge slipping which is typically seen in most comfortable/soft mattresses.

The Ergoshell Technology is going to revolutionise the way mattresses will be made. This technology will now be showcased for the first time at the Interzum tradeshow in Cologne, Germany in May 2017.


So i have found exactly what i was looking for. I am extremely excited an happy to sleep on my very own customized mattress and i recommend you lovies to get one for themselves and have a safe and sound sleep. Goodbye to all my problems and Hapy sleeping.




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