Pizza Acrobatics at Celini, Grand Hyatt.

A fun gourmet experience awaits with the arrival of World Champion of Pizza Acrobatics, Chef Pasqualino Barbasso, to whom you can toast with at Celini, Grand Hyatt Mumbai. The Pizzaiolo festival has started from 24th March till 2nd April 2017. We had a blast watching Chef Pasualino Barbasso spinning the dough. This is what being perfect at your job looks like. Stunning experience.


Here are the Beauties that Chef Pasqualino made to give his guests a perfect Italian experience.


Absolutely stunning thought and an even better execution. It was a perfect combination of Italian and Indian taste. Palak Paneer and Mozzarella to make a pizza was something nobody ever thought of, this delicious pizza took me to another happy zone. Palak Paneer is an Indian dish made from blanched spinach and cottage cheese.


Alle Noci

Chef Pasqualino’s signature pizza. The ingredients used were Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Walnuts Cream, Walnuts, rocket and shaved Parmesan. The combination of Gorgonzola cheese and Walnuts was classic and addictive. The Gorgonzola gives a bursting and strong flavor while the Walnuts gives pizza a crunch and a rich taste.




Profumo d’Alba

Yet another signature pizzas that includes Mozzarella, Asparagus, Cream Cheese, potatoes, and truffles. This pizza gives the perfect taste of the traditional Italian cuisine





Ingredients in this pizza included  Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese , Dried Eggplants, Dried Tomatoes, Black Olives and Basil Powder. An absolute blast of stronge flavours in my mouth mouth. dried Tomotoes and Eggplant looked stunning over my baked pizza. Best way to have it is with a glass of Wine.



Cant get over these brilliant spread of Pizzas by Chef, our next pizza was Deliziona. It was delicious and had all my favourite ingrediants. The Ingredients included Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Smoked Cheese and Spinach. No second thought, just go for this beauty.






Moving towards the dessert, there was Tiramisu. It is an Italian dessert that has many layers of sponge cake. The cake is soaked in coffee and brandy along with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese. I am sure you are salivating already and you require no more description.


Lemon Meringue Millefoglie
We loved its playful preservation ! A lovely moist Millefoglie with crushed tangy lemon meringue topped with an upside down ice cream cone, a bevy of textures
and flavors made it a memorable dessert.



Cuore di Cioccolata Calda

When that molten dark chocolate oozed out of the warm chocolate cake, our hands just dove in ! Team up with a Vanilla ice cream, dark tempered chocolate & crisps, this was the favorite on our tableKhelKhajana-7190


Pastry rolls with a sweet cream-ricotta filling. We suggest as soon as you take a bite
into your cannoli, pop the tempered chocolate in as well
and enjoy the creamy chocolate & crispy pastry.


About Chef Pasqualino Barbasso
Chef began his career, in his family’s Pizzeria, Il Falco Azzuro, in Cammarata, in the Sicilian province of Agrigento. He underwent formal pizza-making training only at a later stage when he decided to dive into the world of pizza acrobatics. A pizzaiolo since the age of 17 & two-time World Champion of Pizza Acrobats, chef is very excited to showcase his exemplary skills in Mumbai at Celini from March 24 – April 2, 2017.
Pizzaiolos & Celini
A Pizzaiolo is a neighborhood pizzeria/pizza restaurant, where the chef can carry the most intriguing conversations, help customers without skipping a beat and all while slapping dough. These are of the “old fashioned way” pizza joints that use the highest quality ingredients and are an art form in and of themselves. This blends extremely well with the ideologies of Celini; the truly Italian restaurant in Grand Hyatt Mumbai, with home-style cooking that embraces traditional Italian recipes and presents them with a modern approach.

About Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Grand Hyatt Mumbai is Hyatt International’s flagship contemporary lifestyle complex in South Asia and an area hotel for Mumbai, Pune and Goa. It is located just minutes away from the domestic and international airports; Mumbai’s key business district, Bandra-Kurla Complex and the entertainment districts of the city. Grand in scope and functional in design, this city landmark with 547 luxurious rooms and suites, 110 fully-serviced apartments and award-winning dining and entertainment options, has redefined standards of luxury and service in India’s financial and entertainment capital since 2004. With approximately 10 acres of mixed-use development, the complex is truly a world-class facility.


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