Parle Agro, India’s foremost food and beverage company has launched Frooti Fizz, a new variant of its brand Frooti to start off summer. Frooti Fizz seeks to refresh the category providing a perfect balance of the taste of real mango along with fizz while keeping the drink light and refreshing.

 Frooti Fizz will be available across the country starting March, 2017, priced at Rs. 15 for 250 ml PET, Rs. 30 for 500 ml PET and Rs. 25 for 250 ml Can.

About Parle Agro:

Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Indian food and beverage company. Today, it is a ‘2,800 Cr organization’. It operates under three business verticals: Beverages (Fruit Juice based drinks), Packaged Drinking Water and PET Preforms. Each of these verticals operates as independent entities. As a part of their penetration strategy, they have also set-up an exclusive division for Beverages in the RGB format. Over the last few years, their infrastructure has grown to 76 manufacturing facilities both in India and overseas, and has developed a widespread network of 4,250 channel partners that cater to more than 10 lakh outlets in the country.

They cater to the mass market with brands like Frooti, Appy, Appy Fizz, Frio, Dishoom and Café Cuba. Frooti has been the pioneer in the fruit drinks segment and today enjoys market-share of 85% and 33% respectively in the Tetra Pak and PET categories. Appy is the undisputed market leader in the apple juice based drink category with a market share of close to 70%. Appy Fizz completely owns the category of sparkling fruit juice based drinks.


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