ITC set to redefine the luxury chocolate space in India with Fabelle available exclusively at ITC Central/ ITC Maratha in Mumbai


The country’s megapolis has a unique culinary culture which is an amalgamation of diverse and exotic cuisines. Reinforcing this enriching cuisine experience, ITC Grand Central & ITC Maratha opened its doors exclusive chocolate boutiques which will host a one of its kind luxury chocolate brand in the country – Fabelle. ITC’s Fabelle Chocolates have been in the making for almost a decade, with extensive research and innumerable trials in the company’s pursuit to craft the finest luxury chocolates in India that rival the best in the world. Fabelle was created by a congruence of international chefs together with ITC master chocolatiers to craft the finest quality chocolates, using choicest ingredients from across the world. With the launch of the chocolate boutiques at ITC Maratha & ITC Central in Mumbai, Fabelle will be present nationally across Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai & Kolkata.


Fabelle offers a range of exquisite chocolate creations such as Fabelle Elements – intricately crafted pralines inspired by the elements of nature, Fabelle Ganache – velvety soft cubes of exotic cocoas delicately churned with butter & fresh cream, Fabelle As You Like It – personalized chocolate cup creations offering myriad possibilities of fillings and toppings, Fabelle Single Origin Cacoas – single origin bars, crafted using cocoa from 6 different countries (Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Ghana), each asserting its own distinct flavour and Fabelle Gianduja – recreation of an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era fashioned with infusion of hazelnuts into rich, creamy milk chocolate. The chocolate boutiques will provide a range of exquisitely crafted desserts and cocoa beverages, created live by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. Additionally, they will also have opulent gifting options which can be customised as per requirements for diverse occassions.

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Each Fabelle chocolate creation has been extensively tested to carefully balance tastes and textures to ensure absolute perfection.  ITC has set up a state of the art facility with best in class technology to manufacture Fabelle chocolates in India. ITC is sourcing impeccable single origin cocoas from the best cocoa growing regions in Africa and South America such as Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Saint Domingue and Sao Tome. The diversity of each country lends a unique magical taste and feel to the chocolates. Eg; A Vanilla Cremeuxbar with Saint-Domingue chocolate mousse has been crafted with a 70% single origin Saint-Domingue chocolate which has strong cocoa notes. Similarly, chocolates from Sao Tome have fruity and spicy under notes which have been used to craft the classic warm cocoa. It has been paired with Lankan cinnamon, black pepper, frosted with whipped cream and cocoa nibs.

Menu card 21st mar 16 single pages

Creating an incomparable chocolate experience was at the heart of conceptualizing Fabelle chocolates. A Fabelle Ganache is a sheer masterpiece crafted with meticulous conching that brings out the most sensational flavors and aroma along with the melt-in-mouth experience. Fabelle Elements have been created with 26 different unique ingredients sourced across from 7 different countries to delight the Indian chocolate connoisseur who seeks evolved chocolate experiences.


ITC has leveraged its institutional strengths for creating these unique offerings for today’s discerning chocolate lovers through Fabelle boutiques in ITC’s luxury hotels. The product was first introduced in India at the ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru with a dedicated boutique for an immersive and participative chocolate experience.  The Fabelle Chocolate Boutique’ has been extended to ITC Maurya in New Delhi, ITC Sonar in Kolkata and ITC Grand Chola in Chennai. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. G K Suresh, Vice-president, New Category Development, ITC’s Foods Division said, “Fabelle is set to redefine the luxury chocolate segment in India and has been crafted with inputs from some of the world’s most renowned experts and with a decade of intensive research and trials. At ITC, we have always endeavored to create world class products and with Fabelle we will present an engaging experience for the discerning consumers who are passionate connoisseurs of the finest luxury products and services”.

On ITC’s understanding of the discerning Indian consumers evolving taste buds, he adds “The modern day, well travelled Indian continues to seek novel experiences that inspire him/ her and with the introduction of Fabelle, we will be delivering a magical experience.”

Menu card 21st mar 16 single pages

Mr. Dipak Haksar, Chief Executive, ITC Hotels & WelcomHotels said, “ITC Hotels spell anun-paralled world of luxury and provide the perfect ambience for Fabelle’s premium chocolate boutiques. The dedicated boutiques for Fabelle at the ITC luxury hotels across the country will provide an immersive and participative chocolate experience and consumers will enjoy a range of finest chocolate creations designed by the Masterchefs of ITC Hotels.”


 The launch of Fabelle comes at a time when the luxury chocolate market in India is still nascent with enormous opportunities. ITC is banking on leveraging its expertise in creating premium luxury products and services to give Fabelle a winning edge in this exclusive and aspirational space.



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