A Kreations Hair & Beyond, is located on the busy streets of Khar- Mumbai. This luxury salon is known to give an extraordinary looks to your hair. The environment is soothing and calm, its because of good music that is played at the salon to make sure there is a happy and cheerful vibe all over. The ambience is done very well, loved how different sections have been made in the salon for different services to make sure it looks hassle free and clean. When ever you are looking to book an appointment on call or over the desk you can pick your favourite technician and your appointment will be booked accordingly. The stylist know their job so well that you are sure to be stunned and amazed after availing a particular service here.
Being a boy i am always traveling on bikes and activa or playing Cricket, Football in the day time when my skin is exposed to sun. This surely bashes my skin off, and i get tanned every second. After all this persecution on my skin i have to visit a salon or spa to get a treatment done for my skin to remove the tanning, unneccesary dead skin and relax my body. So this time is decided to avail a cleanup at A Kreations Salon and see how much of a difference did it make to my skin.
My cleanup was done by the salon stylist and expert Ritu. She tok me to the cleanup room (they have a special room for the cleanup). She started with checking my skin type so that she can recommend me a cleapup accordingly. She discovered that i had a tanned and a combination skin, the combination was of dry and oily skin (oily on the cheeks and dry on the rest of my face.) She decided to give me a D-Tan mask first to remove all the tanned skin and then the basic clean up for proper moisturization, cleaning the dead skin and massage. She applied a D-Tan mask on my face (Brand- Phytomer, a brand from France.) The mask was kept for around 10 minutes and then was wiped out with a soft and wet sponge. She then she started my basic cleanup. She first cleaned my skin using a cleanser, after the cleansing process was over she applied a scrub on my face and nicely massaged it for 5 minutes to remove all the dead skin and once that was done she used a steamer to remove all the Blackhead from my skin, the steamer helps to soften the skin and opening the pores so that all the dirt can be removed out easily. Once that was done she used a mouisturizing cream to massage my skin so that all the pores that were opened gets closed and also to relax my skin. It was a 10 minutes massage and Ritu did a fabulous job, i could feel that my skin become very soft and felt relaxed, After this wa the Final step of applying a Phytomer face mask to make my face glow more. I was tunned and amazed by the after results, i could see 85% of my tanned skin was cleaned and my face looked fresh and was glowing, I was very happy with the after results.
This picture is taken after the cleanup was done.
After a tiring Shoot of my commercial in Banglore which went on for 3 days, i was very keen on getting a oil massage done for my head and back. Toto an extremely talented technician provided me with an oil massage. The technique and proffesionalism was at peak. It wasnt like the basic, local massage but a proper authentic massage that relaxed the nerves and muscles of my head and back. What a treat it was. I am surely visiting them again for the fabulous Cleanup and most authentic Oil massage.
1- Products Used- Label M, Loreal, Wella, Biotop, Moroccon Oil.
2- Nails- Cat Eye Gel Poilish.
3- Special room on request, etc.

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