The GVK Lounge built and operated by TFS & Performa at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s (CSIA) Terminal T2 brings another fascinating showcase of Indian food and culture for international passengers. In another unique endeavour after the most successful ‘Mumbai Food Festival’ hosted last year, the GVK Lounge by TFS Performa brings for its guests an enchanting sensory experience themed The Indian Touch presenting a wonderful milieu of art, handicrafts and flavours of regions like Chhattisgarh, Assam, Bengal, Punjab, Mumbai, South India.

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Through this month of September, the GVK Lounge will be celebrating the country’s glorious culture and cuisine! Guests can take a walk down the lounge aisle adorned with a live wall of Indian handicrafts. It showcases India’s diverse and rich heritage and guests can get a first-hand experience of artisans creating colourful handicrafts. Alongside myriad sights, guests can savour an explosion of Indian flavours from local regions – live stations with the most delicious kathi rolls and succulent fresh kebabs alongside live jalebi (Indian sweet) counters serving piping hot jalebis.


Speaking on ‘The Indian Touch’ festival, Mr. Gaurav Dewan, COO, TFS said, “TFS is always in search of excellence and committed to transforming the F&B experience of travellers. The beginning of this season marks the advent of a period of key festivals that also set off a time for holidays. This is an endeavour to make journeys more memorable. Our guests flying out of T2 can experience and enjoy the art, culture and food of several Indian regions together at a single venue. The Lounge in all its splendour has transformed into a huge melting pot of sights and flavours with The Indian Touch, which otherwise could have been a rarity for international guests to experience.”


On entering, passengers will get a glimpse of a combination of motifs that epitomises the Indian spirit; starting from hostesses at the desk at Duty Free Area dressed in bright attire to usher guests to the GVK Lounge.


A delightful walk-through of artisans creating their craft – first time ever at an airport lounge guests can watch an artisan working on the loom, live puppet making craft, a kathakali dancer adorning the walk-way – all of which offer guests rare and unique moments to capture on camera!

Passengers can experience some noteworthy delicacies of Mumbai all freshly prepared including spicy deep fried Prawns Koliwada, Mumbai’s street food favourites including Ragda Pattice, Keema Samosa, Batata Vada and Punjabi Samosas. Courses on the menu have been designed to reflect Indian flavours. Guests can now sample the aromatic Chingri-Malai (Dish from Bengal with tender prawns cooked in coconut curry), Chicken Sukhe, Laal maas (a spicy mutton preparation from Rajasthan) piping hot Daal Makhni, Kashmiri Dum Aaloo, Dewani Handi, Kasundi Fish Tikka, Tandoori Broccoli, to name a new. There are special chaat (light snack) counters that serve the tangy and spicy favourites such as Dahi Batata Puri, Sev Puri and Bhel at the live Chaat Counter which is a great favourite.The cocktail menu too has been developed based on local drinks. All meals can be washed down with Aam Panna Martini, Kokum Fizz or a Peru Chilli Margarita. Even the most iconic beverage of Mumbai, the ‘Cutting Chai’ is being served all day.



Apart from this talking about the presentation and showcasing the Indian Culture TSF has nailed it completely. They have put up some really pretty and exciting cycles with Chai Ketli on it showcasing the traditional culture. They are also offering sides like Toast, Khaari, Buscuits etc which we get roadside on a Tea stall but in the most hygenic way.


On the entrance they have put up a beautiful small view of the South India’s traditional culture, the traditional boat in which people of South India go fishing, they have put up a counter of all the spices etc. As you go ahead you find a beautiful station where they have explained about all the Festivals celebrated in India, so that everybody flying from different countries to India get an idea about the festivals celebrated in India. In common they have free back and feet massage for Business class and First class passengers. They have a beautiful Bar section serving a massive variety of premium alcohol.

We experienced the beautiful ‘Indian Thali’ that they have crafted especially for the First Class Passengers along with some Chianti Classico Wine. Veg Thali had a beautiful variety of dishes like Daal, Indian Sabzi, Barwa Bindi, Paapad, Achari, Assorted Roti, Chaas etc. Non veg Thali had some exciting dishes too like the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, Fish, Chicken, Prawns etc. We also tried Amuse Bouche – Steamed Veg Dimsums, Chicken Tikka Three Ways, Tempura Prawns, Crispy Wontons with Sweet Chilli Dip which were equally delectable. They also had Assorted Indian Mithai Platter for us which was so pretty and temting and tasted equally amazing. So this was the fabulous arrangement for all the First Class Passengers. They had a Buffet for all the Business Class travelers. So this was about our Incredible Tour at the T2 Airports, GVK Lounge’s Indian Food Festival, Please head now to experience this wonderful Festival.






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