Apollo White Dental Spa is a leading dental chain has over 80 centres in 17 cities across and 7-star dental Spas at six major cities in India. Apollo WHITE dental offers you everything from basic dental services to premium, avant-garde cosmetic dentistry. Their unique Dental Spas are designed to relax you with their luxurious and comfortable ambience, when you are getting treated. Over 400 experienced dental experts at thier world class clinics are committed to help you get the smile you deserve. Its a special initiative by the Asian health care opinion-leader, Apollo where technology marries comfort at the hands of veteran dentists to provide world class dental treatment sans fear and anxiety to the discerning patient.







New Delhi – at Greater Kailash 1

Chennai – at Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam

Mumbai – at Pedder Road, opposite to Mahalakshmi Temple

Hyderabad – Jubilee Hills Hyderabad

The Dental Spa is equipped with:

  • Microscopes for performing treatments under magnification – so that there is no margin for error
  • Veneers, crowns and bridges are prepared by CAD CAM technology to eliminate human error
  • LASERS enhance the success of the treatment with less pain, less bleeding and less time for healing
  • CONE BEAM CT SCAN is in-house to ensure no loss of time in diagnosis and treatment planning , with the least dose of radiation
  • Doctors, specialised in individual branches of Dentistry to provide group practice with increased efficiency
  • Impeccable sterilsation
  • Computerised injection deivery systems to remove the pain factor from dentistry
  • Exclusive pediatric treatment rooms to enthrall the children 
  • Reflexology – foot spa to reduce anxiety and relax the mind and body
  • The Zero degree massage lounge to relax after a log treatment.
  • img_3227


Ive always been patrified by needles and drilling machine (monster machine as i call it). But Apollo Dental Spa changed my mindset completely. I am no more scared of needles and those drilling machines as apollo dental spa has some amazing doctors and painless treatments for scared patients like me. My entire treatment was taken up by Dr. Neha Kothekar, who is an extremely talented doctor and an amazing human being. The way she talks to her patient she is sure to convince him/her that dental treatment is just fun and painless.

Some amazing things that i noticed at the Dental Spa was the Body Massage machine which is for the patients to feel relaxed either before or after the treatment. I myself used it because i was really scared of the needles. Trust me the massage machine relaxes you completely and i think its a brilliant concept which i havnt seen before at any other dental clinics.img_3224

Other than this there are various sections in the Dental Spa like they have a seperate fascinating room for the kids which is brilliantly done. It has cartoon seats and painting on the walls, just perfect to divert a kids mind. They also have a room for x-ray etc which is a great idea i feel. Everything is under one roof and you dont have to hop to different clinics for advanced treatments or x-rays, everything is available at Apollo White Dental Spa.

I availed various treatments like teeth cleaning and bleaching and my partner got her cavities done. Entire treatment was done by Dr. Neha Kothekar. We begin with teeth cleaning which took around 15-20 minutes. I heard it from my friends that it was suppose to be painful as needles are used for cleaning, but all thanks to Dr. Neha Kothekar and Apollo Dental Spa for making it extremely painless using the latest and painless technology. My teeth looked much more clean and stains free. Second treatment that i availed was teeth bleaching which was again extremely satisfactory. My teeth looked shining white after the treatment. Next treatment was cavity filling which was availed by my partner Khushboo. She was extremely satisfied with the service, she said that she felt no pain at all throughout the treatment. The filling was done to perfection.






Over we had an amazing experience with Apollo Dental Spa and we highly recommend this clinic to all our viewers and followers.


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