A super dooper cool and happening place. We visited this place on Viviana mall’s 3rd anniversary celebration. We tried their variety of Desserts, Mocktails and Coffees. The pricing is average. Affordable for all. Service was quick. Manager was very polite.


Virgin Mojito- Full of ice, lemon and mint leaves. Very refreshing and served chilled. I could feel its coolness in the summer afternoon. You should definately try this.

Regular Coffee- We tried their regular coffee which was really good. A very refreshing taste. It was served steaming hot. Loved the creamy texture.


Lava Lava- One of the best lava cake i ever had. It was soft and super chocolatey. Very heavy and filling.


Chocolate Mousse- Very soft and creamy texture. Loved it. You should definately try the moose here.


Newyork Cheesecake- Very cheesy and dense. It was very difficult to resist and decided to order 1 more. Lovely!!


Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha- Hazelnut has alwayd been my favourite nut. Mocha with hazelnut was a kickass combination. It was dark and delicious.


Chocolate Gooey- Dense chocolate cake served warm. I am just goung crazy about their desserts. Presentation was too good. Taste was mindblowing. Classic taste it had.




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