I am a huge fan of chinese food. There are very less places in Mumbai that actually serve authentic chinese and this place is one of those who serve that. This place is located right oppsite the sea giving you an excellent view.
Hotel Marine Plaza jas recently started with“Toss it up Monday” at its authentic Chinese restaurant Oriental Blossom. Toss for your taste buds and get a choice of express menu’s. This menu has a massive variety to choose from.

Savor on enticing scrumptious meal recreated by Master Chef Haung from enduring favorites to splendid flavors.
The express menu offers an array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes starting from soups, appetizers, main course, rice/noodles and desserts just @1099.

VEG/NON VEG LUNG FUNG SOUP- Thick textured soup! White in colour and had a good amount if vegetables. Enjoyed every sip of it.

VEG/NON VEG MANCHOW SOUP- One of the best manchow soup ive ever had in my life. It had a very authentic chinese taste. Absolutely delectable.

CRISPY VEGETABLE SZECHWAN- A good portion i would say. The vegetavles were fried and were very crispy. It was cooked in szechwan sauce. Loved it.

VEGETABLE DUMPLING- The dumplings were stuffed with minced assorted vegetables. The vegetables are usually boiled but here they actually cooked it on pan and then stuffed it. This enhanced the taste of dumplings.

THREE TREASURE SALT & PEPPER-. Vegetables cooked in salt and pepper sauce. It was very light and the taste was excellent.

CHICKEN DUMPLINGS- It was stuffed with chicken. I enjiyed veg dumplings more then this one. It wasnt bad at taste but veg dumpling was much nore tastier.

CRISPY CHICKEN DRY RED CHILLI  CHICKEN- This dish was a star dish for me. I hve had chicken crispy like more then 1000 times now but it was never as crsipy as i expected but this was actually very crispy. The red chili sauce in which it was cooked was just too good. My mouth is watering while i am writing this.

Main Course
STIR FRIED ORIENTAL VEGETABLE GARLIC SOYA SAUCE- This went really well with noodles and fried rice. The portion size was excellent.

DICED AUBERGINE WITH RED & GREEN PEPPER, WATERCHESTNUT, PEPPERS, BABY CORN- I was completely in love with this dish. I am not an aubergine person but i dint even realise that it was aubergine. Absolitely stunning dish. Couldnt stop myself from eating more and more of this.

CHICKEN IN PEPPER SZECHWAN-Chicken cooked with Medium spicy pepper szechwan sauce. Love the taste. Chicken was very soft. Sure to try this again!

Rice & Noodles
VEGETABLE FRIED RICE- It tasted exactly how i like it. The quantity was amazing. You are sure to love this 1!!

VEGETABLE HAKKA NOODLES- long noodles, perfectly cooked not very soft not very hard. Cooked with alot of exotic vegetables. Absolutely lipsmacking.

Molten lava cake- It was nice dense lava cake. Served warm. It was very chocolaty and soft.
Chocolate cake lovers should definately try this out!!

HONEY TOSSED NOODLES WITH ICE CREAM- cripsy noodles cooked in sugar sauce,beautifully topedwith almond flakes an cherry and it was served with vanilla icecream. Loved the dish, the sweetness was exactly how it is suppose to be. Vanilla icecream was complimenting the dessert.

TIME OF PROMOTION: –  12.30pm to 2.45pm
Go hit the place evrry possible monday you can. You are sure to fall in love with their food!!


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