Review of The Daily Bar & Kitchen

Visited this restaurant for their newly launched sunday brunch menu. The restaurant has a beautiful ambience, soul satisfying music, and a service that will never dissapoint you. As soon as i reached the restaurant i was escorted to my table by the manager. The manager was really polite and a very lively and active personality. His presence will surely lightup your mood. This place has a really good crowd since it is located on the lively street of bandra!
Coming to food:
The midas touch- this mocktail was a blend of cucumber, watermelon, and lime. Very tasty and loved the freshness of this mocktail. It had a sweet and tangy taste.
Mood maiden- this mocktail was a blend of cranberry juice, lychee, basil, sour mix, ginger ale. I am a huge fan of mocktails that has ginger as ginger guve your mocktail a lil spicy and fresh taste. So this surely was amy favourite 1.
Little foot- Guava juice, lime, tobasco sauce, pepper. A guava mocktail can never go wronge, especially when served with spices. This mocktail had a thick consistency, sweet and spicey taste. If your a guava lover dont missout on this.
Three melon salad- one of the best salad i have had so far. Beautiful, chilled circle shaped melons(watermelon, muskmelon, greenmelon) toped with feta cheese, pinenuts, and lime. Melons were sweet and juicy, lime was tangy and feta was salty which is three different tastes in 1 bite. Absolutely amazing it was.
Patatas bravas- potato pockets stuffed with ratatouile vegetables,mascarpine cheese and herbed hot sauce. Crispy outside, spicy inside and cheesy on the top. This is a sureshot try! Dont miss this out.
Focasia and cottage cheese bites- grilled cottage cheese amd vegetables spiked with tomato sauce and pesto drizzle. It was a good one but could have been better. The base could have been a little more crispy i felt. But not a bad one.
Main course- pan roasted vegetable ravioli. I have tried ravioli alot of times but these were amazing. The ravioly was huge in a size and thin. The sauce was cheezy and garnished with loads of fried garlic which gave the pasta an even better taste. Can surely try this if you are dine with penne and ither forms of pasta.
Chaar chees grilled sandwhich- the sandwhich had a lot of filling consisting if paneer and alot of exotic vegetables, also a good anount of cheese. The vegetables were cooked in a medium spicey sauce and then filled im between the breads. There a variety of breads available to choose from. It was served with a nice spicy dip.
Nuttela pancakes- nicely cooked round shaped pancakes served with bluebbery sauce, dark chocolate nuttela and honey. I am a huge fan of nutella and pancakes and this combination was truely deadly for me.
Overall I enjoyed the place, the food was excellent, the service was good, the ambience is beautiful and cool, music is bangon.
I am surely visiting this place again. Cheers
Taste- 4.5/5
Ambience- 4.5/5


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