This place has a very beautiful vibe. So positive, so calm, so relaxing. Places like these are very rare to find in a city like mumbai. This place is a month old and is already a buzz of the town. It is super hit amongst the youth.
As soon as we entered, the owner of this places hosted us, Mr Deepak who is an extremely sweet person and a very sharp personality. The decor of this place is beautiful. The light effects, the space utilization is bang on. The bar looks beautiful. And the best part about this place is that they a beautiful small library which has a lot of books and a bean bag to chill at. You can sip your coffee, read books and sit back for hours. The walls have beautiful wallpaper with different quotes. Overall a very vibrant and happy vibe.
To start with food-
1)- Guava and kaffir lime collin- it had vodka mixed with fresh guava ,kaffir lime leaves, fresh lime sugar then served frappe. It was served in a tall glass with loads of ice. Perfect combination of lime, vodka, kaffir leave, guava etc. Best for a summer afternoon.
2)- Blueberry and basil martini- it was tried by another blogger friend and a big thumbsup from her for this cocktail.
Blueberry walnut smoothie- Again it was tried by another friend and a thumbsup from him for this mocktail.
1)-Mix cheese chilli- one of the best dish of last night. The sauce in which fried cheese, paneer and assorted vegetables were made was tangy and spicy. It tasted different from the other sauces ive ever had. Highly recommended.
2)-Cottage cheese bao- steamed buns with crumbed cottage cheese, sriracha and raddish kimchi. The bao was good but it was a little dry. A few more sauces could have been infused in making the bao.
Main course-
1)- Stone baked bianco pizza- This pizza is surely heaven for all the pizza and cheese lovers. This pizza has a variety of cheese like cheddar, gauda, mozzerella, goat cheese, mascarpone. It was topped with confit garlic fried spinach it was the star of the night.
2)- chunky soya and cottage cheese with green chutney aioli- I liked the burger, it was moist and a huge sized burger. It was very cheesy and tasted very good.
1)- Dark chocolate swiss roll berry compote and crème anglise- it looked so stunning and beautiful that i couldnt resist from pouncing in it the moment it reached my table but honestly it could have been a little more soft. It wasnt as soft as expected but it tasted amazing. No compromise was seen in the taste.
2)-white chocolate and blueberry cheese cake- a perfect cheese cake i had ever thought of. It was too good at taste. The cheese cake was topped with strawberry slices. It looked and tested very good.
3)-Warm flourless chocolate fudge with home made ice cream- the cake tasted very good, it was soft and moist, it was dense and very chocolatey. It was alittle warm and served with nice chilled ice cream which was a perfect combination.
Overall i had a great time. I am surely visiting this place again. The staff was very active and courteous here. Loved the place, cheers!
Good Vibes-5/5
Music- 5/5


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