Mumbai finally gets Farzified. Zorawar Kalra’s Farzi Café, opened its doors on May 6th. After creating a strong buzz in Delhi and Dubai, the Modern Indian Bistro is finally in Mumbai and looks like this one is geared up to give Mumbai an all new experience of gastronomic activities. The much awaited opening of the year!! And trust me worth waiting. Visited this place on a tuesday evening at 1830hours. Almost all the seats were occupied. The restraunt has been designed beautifully.
Ambience has always been a highlight for all the restraunts opened by kalra’s. This outpost looks spacious with a defining signboard that elevates your expectations from the get go.
Use of concrete colours with the roof follow a mesh format. The bar on the left is massive and beautiful with 3D mapping syncronised with music. The right side has comfortable couches that can accommodate bigger groups. They have a kickass service and music that will make you go crazy all night long. The staff is extremely friendly.

Coming to food.
• FARZI OK- An amazing refreshing drink to light up your mood served in a beautiful jar.

• FARZI APPLE FOAMINTINI- This dish was a star drink for me. Looked so appealing. They used some amazing gastronomic activities to give this drink an attractive look. You should surely try this drink!!

• Chuski Margarita- We all have had chuski golas in childhood days and we still crave for it. Farzi decided to give the fun of chuski gola in a martini glass with tequila cocktail. Bangon concept.

• FARZI TINA, BOTTLE KA GIN, FARZI IDEA- Three killer drinks of the night. You just cant get over these. Little stronge but excellent taste.

• AAM PAAPAD-I never imagined that there can be drink infused with Aam Paapad, only kalra’s can introduce something like this. Brilliant taste. Tangyness of aam paapad and bitterness of alcohol was a kickass combination.

• VODKA CURRY MANGO CHUTNEY FOAM- yet another successful experiment done by Farzi cafe. Vodka with mango is a deadly combination as it is. And a twist was added by garnishing the glass with foam.

• CHAI-PANI- Chai Pani is one of the most common word used in Mumbai by Mumbaikars early morning on calls asking friends and family “chai paani ho gaya?” And Farzi Cafe decided to give this a twist. Chai paani is an alcohol based drink served with ice in a tea pot with small tea glasses that you get on chai tapri in Mumbai. Amazing concept and even better taste.

• LIIT- I was not an Liit person before i tried this Liit at Farzi cafe. It was served in a tall necked flask supported by a wooden structure that we usually see in chemistry labs. This was given a gastronomic effect. Taste was amazing. Loved the flavours.

• RAJ KACHORI- One of Rajasthan’s very famous dish is raj kachori. I had a mindset that nobody can make it better then what you get in Rajasthan but i am wronge. Farzi cafe has complete done justice to this dish. Raaj kachori was filled with an authentic filling, chutney and dahi topped with sev and foam. Looked so appealing and tasted equally amazing. Could actually feel each flavour of this dish.

• DAL CHAWAL ARANCINI- Crispy Arachini balls made with Dal Chawal is something you will only get at Farzi cafe in this world. Beyond imagination dish. Lovely presentation. Garnished with cripsy rolled papad.

• PALAK PANEER QUESADILLAS- Small round shaped quesadillas was made with so much perfection. Small round roti was toped with palack paneer and then covered with another small round roti. Crispy roti wil give you a nice crackling sound when you take your 1st bite. Bangon dish.

• TANDOORI MARGHERITA KULCHA-I was completely soldout with this dish. Amazing tandoori kulcha loaded with cheese and baked. Kickass thinking i would say. Loved this dish. It was a star dish for me that night.

• PYAAZ KI KACHORI- Yet another Rajasthani dish which i had that night at Farzi cafe. Small puaaz ki kachori topped with sev, dahi and chutney. Complete justice to the authentic pyaaz ki kachori.

• MAKAI METHI TIKKI BURGER, PICKLED CUCUMBER, PEPPER- 2 small makai methi tikki burgers were served in a letter box sort with some potato wedges around it. The tikki had an excellent taste. A few more sauces were added to the burger which enhanced its taste.
• ASPARAGUS AND WATER CHESTNUT KURMA- I never heard about this dish before, i was sure that i will try this!! Worth a try. Semi sweet gravy served with a dosa. Bangon flavour, excellent taste. HUGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

• CHURMA N DAL- One nore rajasthani delicasy farzified. Churma balls with Dal was a good try. Dal was amazing. Churma chould have been a little nore better.

• TANDOORI PANEER TIKKA- Paneer tikka placed in a big bowl and a bowl of semi sweet gravy to accompany this. Tried this with kulcha. Loved the taste.

• SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIO, TAMATAR KA KUT- Yet another experiment done by Farzi cafe. Spaghetti aglia olio is something of very similar taste at all the restraunts but here they gave it a twist. This aglio olio was a little sweet as it was cooked in coconut based gravy and it was topped with Tamatar ka kut. Brilliant taste.

• MILKY WAY BIG BANG- A big black marble designed like a milky way. Excellent presentation i would say. Taste was good too. Small balls of chocolate and imported grapes were placed as planets. Loads of ice cream made my day.

• PARLE G CHEESECAKE- Yet another deadly dish tried by Farzi Cafe- Cheese Cake between 2 peices Parle G buscuit was something i never thought of or tried before. It was served in a bowl and these buscuits were half dipped in rabdi. This dessert can be missed.

• RAS MALAI TRES LECHES- Hatts of to the person who did the plating for this dish. Looked so damn tempting. Extremely soft rasmalai and very tasty rabdi. Loved the taste. A must try dessert here!!!

Overall i had an amazing evening. Loved the place. Extremely beautiful and kickass food!!


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